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Rehab Solutions is an independent workplace rehabilitation provider based in the Fairfield/Liverpool region in Sydney NSW. We have been assisting clients in the metropolitan Sydney area since first being accredited with WorkCover NSW as an approved workplace rehabilitation provider in 1992.

Our goal is to provide quality and cost-effective workplace rehabilitation services aimed at helping an injured worker return to safe and durable work at the earliest possible time. We aim to reduce the social and financial costs of a workplace injury on the injured worker, the employer and the overall community.


Workplace rehabilitation may involve creating a suitable duties program, providing on-the-job training to acquire new job skills, or special assistance for severely injured workers.


Using workplace rehabilitation we aim to reduce the social and financial cost of workplace injury to the worker, employer and the community; but above all, help injured workers get back to work.​

Case Management

Rehab Solutions’ Case Management service provides injury management with a multidisciplinary approach for all types of work-related injuries.


Our holistic service focuses on the transition to return to work, assisting our clients move towards a better quality of life and healthier outcomes to minimise ongoing rehabilitation and life health costs. Close communication with all parties involved in the rehabilitation process is key to our rehabilitation strategy.


We provide both rehabilitation case management services for injured workers who:

  • Are aiming to return to the same pre-injury employer

  • Are required to find a new employer


Same Employer

This service is for injured workers where their goal is returning to their pre-injury duties with their original employer. This is done through communication with all parties and the implementation of a graded return to work plan to ensure a safe and durable return to work. For those unable to return to their pre-injury duties, where possible, suitable modified duties or a new position within the same employer will be found.

Different Employer

For those injured workers where return to their pre-injury work has not been successful, Rehab Solutions Australia will be able to assist the worker in finding alternate work with a new employer. This can involve vocational retraining, job search assistance and/or placement in our job club program.



The goal of Rehab Solution’s workplace rehabilitation case management is to assist an injured worker with a safe and durable return to work whilst maintaining cost effectiveness through close communication and goal-based strategies.

Rehabilitation Case Management
Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment is useful for examining the requirements of an injured worker’s duties or for the identification of suitable duties at a workplace, and to assist in the design of a suitable return to work plan.


At Rehab Solutions Australia, our specialised rehabilitation consultants or occupational therapists provide workplace assessments which aim to study an individual in their working environment, assessing the work station, job tasks, and physical and functional requirements. Based on the assessment, we are then able to determine and make recommendations on the need for the modification of work tasks or work design to control the risks and maximise a safe and durable return to work.


The goal of our workplace assessment is to ensure that the injured worker is able to return to a an appropriate safe working environment, reduce the risk of re-injury or aggravation of the injury, and maximise a safe and durable return to work.


Above all , we aim to provide a prompt, cost effective service. We are also able to provide many services within the one organisation. This centralisation helps to cut down the number of companies or personnel performing multiple services, for a more cohesive, efficient service.

Factory worker in workplace
Functional Assessments

Rehab Solutions' functional capacity assessment is conducted by one of our experienced occupational therapists or physiotherapists, which looks to assess a person’s current functional capacity to perform work-related tasks, comparing the results to the physical work abilities and limitations of a variety of job descriptions to determine their work potential.


A functional capacity assessment can either be used:

  • to determine the suitability of a person’s capacity to work in a particular job or position, or;

  • as part of an injured worker’s return to work program to facilitate medical upgrades and provide a safe and durable return to work.


The functional capacity assessment involves an interview regarding the injury, treatment, current physical status, and past and present work status. Current functional capacity is then assessed across a broad spectrum of activities, such as lifting, carrying, squatting, bending and stair climbing to determine an individual’s current functional capacity and safe physical limits.


A comprehensive report is then produced, which specifically addresses the current functional work capacity, to assist in determining what conditions are required to ensure ongoing safety and durability of return to work.



The goal of Rehab Solutions Australia’s functional capacity assessment is to provide an evidence-based approach to determine an individual’s current functional capacity and work potential.

Workers carrying boxes
Vocational Assessments

Rehab Solutions' vocational assessment is used to analyse an individual’s current skills, set vocational goals and determine potential job options.


This is done by taking into account prior education and training, work history, abilities, interests and psychological functioning.


One of our experienced rehabilitation counsellors will conduct an interview to identify the individual’s current functional and work capacity, transferable skills and vocational goals. Evidenced-based vocational tools are used to determine the individual’s aptitudes towards certain vocations and an assessment of the current labour market is performed.


A comprehensive vocational assessment report is produced which details the worker’s transferable skills, employment barriers and realistic potential job options, providing an opinion on the worker’s likely employment status both now and in the foreseeable future. Recommendations are also made regarding tackling perceived barriers of return to work and if required, appropriate retraining.


Our ultimate goal is to provide the support and the tools required to assist an individual to find or return to meaningful employment, in the shortest possible time.

Vocational Assessment
Job Seeking and Job Club

Rehab Solutions' job seeking assistance program is undertaken when an individual cannot return to their pre-injury job. It is used as part of a vocational program and can include rehabilitation counselling, one-on-one job seeking assistance or a group job club.


The client is taught all the necessary skills required for efficient job seeking and compliance with the program is monitored closely, liaising with stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for all parties.


Rehab Solutions Australia’s Job Club has been developed to assist our clients in finding meaningful employment and re-entering the workforce.


Our job club works by providing job seekers with all the necessary skills, professional support and peer support in a group setting which is specifically designed to instill confidence and promote independence and a good work ethic in the long term for all job seekers, thus maximising durable employment potential. We have an excellent record of job placements, even for those who have been out of work for extended periods.

Job Club
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