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Alex Wong Rehabilitation Manager
Alex Wong
Rehabilitation Mananager

Alex Wong is a qualified physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Manager with over a decade of experience in the business of rehabilitation. Since 2007, he has been at the forefront of Rehab Solutions, a leading provider of workplace rehabilitation services located in Fairfield, NSW. Under Alex's leadership, Rehab Solutions has become a trusted independent provider of workplace rehabilitation services in the Sydney Metropolitan area, offering tailored programs and expert guidance to enhance the well-being and productivity of clients.

Terry Reynolds Rehabilitation Counsellor
Terry Reynolds
Rehabilitation Counsellor

Terry Reynolds is a certified Professional Ergonomics and Vocational Counsellor. He has been providing a range of return to work services, whether physical or psychological injury to clients in the Fairfield and Sydney Southwest Region for over 20 years. He specialises in the vocational rehabiltiation needs of clients and has gained a range of workplace, environmental and clinical experiences in ergonomics and vocational rehabilitation.

Luigi Guidone
Rehabilitation Consultant

Luigi completed his Bachlor in Health Science in 2001. He began working in Occupational Rehabilitation as a Rehabilitation Consultant and completing health assessments under an under an Injury Management Consultant. Following further studies and work training, Luigi commenced working as an accredited Exercise Physiologist, a qualified trainer and assessor providing workplace based training programs and would attain accreditation as a WorkCover NSW (currently icare) approved assessor.  Luigi currently work as an Occupational Rehabilition Consultant while his main interest remains in assisting people with injuries to return to work and return to their daily life activities.


Luigi's personal interest include keeping active, being outdoors, motor racing and spending time with family.   

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